A World Class Manufacturing Plant

that loves and serves humanity


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Driven by the vision statement, “A world class manufacturing plant that serves and loves humanity”, Edmark Industries stands as an integral part of the Edmark Group of Companies being the manufacturing arm of the group.
Operating its manufacturing plant in Malaysia, Edmark has invested over USD30 million for the construction and relocation to a brand new factory in 2010. The new facility now stands on a 4.5-acre land with a total built-up area of 145,000 sq. ft. with the ability to cater its upsurge of demand for the products worldwide.
The factory has been upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment, industrial robots, and energy-saving features. In 2015, the built-up area has been expanded to over 250,000 sq. ft. and the factory has been installed with fully automated machines to speed up the manufacturing process to meet the escalating demand. Besides the manufacturing processes, Edmark Industries houses an active research and development facility that ventures into continuous product innovation, assuring Edmark’s steady growth in its range of products.
With the certifications of the GMP Codex Alimentarius (Recommended International Code of Practice General Principals of Food Hygiene) and the MS 1480:2007 (Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point [HACCP] System), Edmark Industries was awarded the ISO22000:2005 certification, standing among the highest food safety standards.
In addition, all products manufactured at the world-class facility are audited by Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development for its Halal certification. Endorsed by international food safety standards, all products of Edmark are assured with only the finest qualities.