Face Scrub

  • Formulated with a unique combination of finely grind grape pits from France and a 100% natural mineral scrub bead, a white volcanic pearl from the Mediterranean Sea of Dikili, Izmir, Turkey for gentle exfoliation.
  • It cleanses and exfoliates the face while refining the look of pores to reveal a smooth, balanced, fresh, healthier and glowing complexion.

    Face Wash

    • This gentle gel cleanser dissolves impurities and cleanses the skin, leaving it luminous refreshed, and purified.
    • It has a mild scented formula packed with glycerin and hydrophilic emollient to keep your skin hydrated at all times.
    • Tea tree oil natural antibacterial component helps with cleaner skin.
    • It’s cooling menthol effect refreshes and invigorates the skin leaving it refreshingly cool and comfortably clean.

      Body Scrub

      • A gentle and non-stripping formula; fortified with 100% natural Volcanic Perlite that stimulates cell renewal and reduces the skin cells’ top layer thickness. This ingredient is also known to improve the foaming abilities giving a richer lather and a glowing skin feeling and look
      • This gentle exfoliator polishes away dead skin and impurities while leaving the skin feeling refined & rejuvenated.

        Body Wash

        • An ultra-gentle body wash that cleans and leaves your skin feeling fresh, preened, and pampered.
        • It is packed with glycerin and emollient that helps hydrate the skin to ensure hydration.
        • It contains Tea tree oil that is known for its natural antibacterial properties. Its cooling – menthol effect  refreshes and invigorates the skin, leaving . Feeling refreshingly cool and comfortably clean.

          Hand and Body Lotion

          • A lightweight, easily absorbed hand & body lotion made of natural ingredients that soothe, soften, and nourish the skin all day long.
          • It contains shea butter and 5 essential oils (Meadowfoam seed oil, canola oil,  Rosa canina fruit oil, and sunflower oil) that are rich in humectants and emollients to help the skin maintain long-lasting hydration.
          • Ectoin helps protect skin from environmental stressors related to different types of natural light and pollutants.

          Rose Water Mist

          • Enriched with soothing rosewater that helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, hydrate, revitalize, and moisture your skin. Perfect accompaniment for the driest of weathers.
          • It has a mild natural fragrance that acts as a natural perfume at the same time. A refreshing mist with a pleasant boost after each use.
          • It also contain vegetable collagen (Tremella Fuciformis mushroom extract) that do wonders for the moisture and elasticity of the skin.