Over time, we’ve come to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves essential elements such as supporting natural body processes, managing calorie intake, adopting a well-rounded diet, and incorporating regular physical activity.

Edmark P4 Healthy Lifestyle Program offers a comprehensive, four-step approach to encourage a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Our Edmark P4 Healthy Lifestyle Program consists of essential components:
  • 1 Box of Shakeoff
  • 2 Boxes of MRT (available in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors)
  • 1 Bottle of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll
  • 2 Box of Ginseng Coffee
  • A Shaker Cup
  • Educational Literature

How it works



Maintaining good health and well-being may involve considering regular intestinal care and detoxification. Some health experts suggest that incorporating fiber into your diet could be beneficial for supporting a clean and healthy digestive system. It may also contribute to a sense of fullness, potentially aiding in fat absorption and possibly having an impact on metabolism.
Timely and Possible Results
It’s possible to observe noticeable changes in as little as eight hours.
Flavor Varieties
SHAKE OFF offers a choice of two enjoyable flavors: Pandan and Lemon.
Enhancing Comfort
Experience a sense of potential comfort and ease as your body may undergo the process of reducing toxins and excess fats.




The foundations of effective weight management are clear: maintaining a balanced diet, reducing calorie intake, and engaging in regular physical activity. The challenge often lies in sustaining a diet that is both balanced and nutritious.
MRT Complex – A Meal Replacement Option
Our meal replacement shake, MRT Complex, is designed for individuals seeking a rapid, safe, and potentially effective approach to weight management. MRT Complex is a palatable, low-calorie, and highly soluble nutritional beverage fortified with essential vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that may contribute to energy levels. By incorporating MRT Complex as a meal replacement, it may be possible to manage calorie intake and support weight management without experiencing discomfort due to hunger.
Variety of Flavors
Enjoy the pleasing flavors of MRT Complex, available in three options: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.




    EDMARK Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is a dietary supplement made from the pure liquid chlorophyll extracted from White Mulberry Leaves. A well-balanced diet is essential for overall health, including a mix of acidic and alkaline foods. Excessive consumption of acidic foods may potentially lead to health conditions.
    Key Functions
    1. Supports pH Balance: Splina Liquid Chlorophyll may help support the body’s pH balance.
    2. Promotes Digestive Comfort: It may assist in promoting digestive comfort and overall well-being.
    3. Nutrient-Rich: Splina provides essential nutrients, including Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.
    Splina Benefits
    • UV Radiation Support: May offer support against UV radiation, although further research is needed.
    • Potential Blood Support: Some studies suggest it may have potential benefits related to blood health.
    • Immune System: It may play a role in supporting the immune system.
    • Oxygen Levels: Some research suggests it could influence oxygen levels in the blood.
    • Skin Health: It may have potential benefits for skin health.
    • And More: Additional research is required to fully understand its potential benefits.



      Coffee consumption can offer certain health benefits, as indicated by medical studies. EDMARK Ginseng Coffee is designed to support overall well-being.
      Ginseng Coffee – Crafted from a natural blend of high-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from Brazil and Columbia. This coffee is infused with Korean Ginseng extract, known for its potential longevity benefits. EDMARK’s Ginseng Coffee delivers a smooth, refined, and invigorating coffee experience, making it a delightful choice for those with discerning tastes.