The Edmark Business Opportunity

Join the Edmark Family as a Distributor of our wonderful Edmark Products and enjoy multiple streams of income, paid for cars, houses, trips and more! Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts and experience growth in all aspects of your life!

Enjoy 9 Great Bonuses and up to 71% Total Payout!

Bonus #1

Retail profit

Start your business and earn up to 25% commissions through retail profit and get a head start to growing your business

Bonus #2

Accumulated Bonus

Enjoy an additional 20% performance bonus representing your growth of which its rewards are acknowledged cumulatively

Bonus #3

Managers Bonus

The path to leadership can be very rewarding. Enjoy an additional 15% bonus when you achieve the manager rank

Bonus #4

Achievement Bonus

As you achieve your goals and milestones, you unlock an array of achievement bonuses that will significantly boost your income 

Bonus #5

Leadership bonus

Your efforts in leading your team truly pays off. Enjoy an additional 25% bonus as you climb the ranks

Bonus #6

Travel Fund

Life is not complete without your yearly trip. Receive an additional 2% bonus for your next trip and explore the world 

Bonus #7

Year End Bonus

The year ends with a bang as your accomplishments are further rewarded with an additional 2% bonus payout 

Bonus #8

Car Fund Bonus

Let Edmark contribute towards your dream car with a generous 3% additional bonus.

Bonus #9

House Fund Bonus

Very few can say that the company the work for bought them a house. In Edmark, you can enjoy an additional 2% bonus which will go towards your dream home


Edmark is a proud member of numerous Direct Selling Associations across the globe providing everyday people with a legitimate & proven way to generate a part-time, full time or even lifetime income.