These are universal principles practiced throughout the world since time immemorial.  Every man and woman wants respect, acknowledgement and validation.  In a world where material needs surpasses emotional growth, time and time again, we need to be reminded of the basic moral concepts to build harmonious relationships and successful businesses.  In Edmark, we reach out with these 4 Pillars of Success as a foundation to guide Edmarkers and the people we help towards founding a loving and happy society.


This is the Pillar of Gratefulness where we see everything as perfect.  It is a perfect business, a perfect opportunity, a perfect product.  When we appreciate perfection in creation, we will have a big heart to make it better, do more and achieve greatness.


This is the Pillar of Big-Heartedness where we value every thing we have and have everything we value. There is aplenty in the world where people from all walks of life gather to create a world that is full of riches and prosperity, happiness and harmony, friendship and partnership.


This is the Pillar of All-Inclusiveness where we embrace you as who you are. Loving you for what you believe and moving with you to achieve your dreams. We believe that every man and woman deserves to live life to its fullest, with passion and excitement.


This is the Pillar of Humaneness where everyone treats everyone as oneself. What you want for yourself, you want it for others as well. Peace is always shared. You want harmony, smile more. You want to be successful, help others to be successful. In Edmark, that’s what we do.