Made with Hawaiian Spirulina with the U.S. patented Ocean Chill™

Edmark Hawaiian Spirulina delivers the most potent key nutrient derived from pure cultured hawaiian spirulina.
Spirulina is a natural algae (cyanbacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients, the perfect addition to your nutritional supplement needs for good health.

  • Promotes inner healing
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Enhances energy

Sugar-Free Peppermint

Express a passion and love for life with EDMARK Mint! Amazing at getting rid of bad breath, this pocket companion reduces odour-causing bacterias while encouraging natural salivation in the mouth.


    Make the switch to EDMARK’s 100% Organic Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste, and replace Fluoride with Xylitol and Chlorophyll. Experience healthy teeth and gums with the natural healing power of chlorophyll as it does wonders for your precious teeth.


    • Reduces plaque formation and tooth decay
    • Strengthens and improves the integrity of teeth
    • Gets rid of halitosis and bad breath
    • Protects against chronic gum diseases
    • Clears up gum infection and bleeding gums
    • Increases salivary flow to aid in repairing damaged enamels

    Aside from strengthening and improving the integrity of your teeth, EDMARK’s Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste is rich in Magnesium and Iron which helps in killing bad breath and Halitosis. Clear up Pyorrhea (infection of gums) and Gingivitis (bleeding gums), while reducing destructive acids which causes bacteria growth and tooth decay.


      Say NO to ordinary chemical soap and experience a brand new you when you make the switch to EDMARK’s 100% Organic Splina Chlorophyll Soap. Manufactured from only the highest quality concentrated chlorophyll extracted from young and tender White Mulberry leaves. These leaves are a rich source of health-boosting chlorophyll with no side effects that are safe for all ages including pregnant women and infants.


      • Eliminates pimples
      • Heals wounds
      • Natural antiseptic to kill bacteria
      • Gets rid of body odours
      • Lasting and pleasant fragrance