Face Scrub

  • Formulated with a unique blend of finely ground grape pits sourced from France and 100% natural mineral scrub beads, including a white volcanic pearl from the Mediterranean Sea near Dikili, Izmir, Turkey, this product provides a mild exfoliating experience.
  • It may effectively cleanse and gently exfoliate facial skin, potentially refining the appearance of pores and revealing a smoother, refreshed, and potentially more radiant complexion.


    Face Wash

    • This mild gel cleanser is designed to effectively remove impurities and cleanse the skin, potentially resulting in a refreshed complexion.
    • Enriched with a lightly scented formula, it contains glycerin and hydrophilic emollients that may help maintain skin hydration. Additionally, the potential natural properties of tea tree oil could contribute to a cleaner-feeling complexion.
    • The mild cooling effect of this cleanser may provide a refreshing sensation, offering a comfortable and clean feel to the skin.


      Body Scrub

      • This mild, non-stripping formula contains 100% natural Volcanic Perlite, which is suggested to support cell renewal and potentially reduce the thickness of the skin’s top layer. This unique ingredient may also enhance foaming properties, potentially resulting in a richer lather and a revitalized appearance.
      • This gentle exfoliator may effectively assist in the removal of dead skin cells and impurities, potentially leaving the skin feeling refined and refreshed.


        Body Wash

        • This ultra-gentle body wash offers a cleansing experience that may leave your skin feeling refreshed and pampered.
        • Enriched with glycerin and emollients, it is designed to provide essential moisture to the skin, potentially helping to maintain hydration.
        • This body wash contains Tea Tree Oil, which is known for its potential natural antibacterial properties. Additionally, it may provide a mild cooling sensation, potentially revitalizing the skin and leaving it feeling comfortably refreshed.


          Hand and Body Lotion

          • A lightweight, quickly absorbed hand and body lotion formulated with natural ingredients that may offer soothing, softening, and nourishing effects on the skin throughout the day.
          • This lotion contains shea butter and five essential oils, including Meadowfoam seed oil, canola oil, Rosa canina fruit oil, and sunflower oil, which are potentially rich in humectants and emollients, potentially promoting lasting skin hydration.
          • Additionally, Ectoin is included, which may contribute to potential protection of the skin against environmental stressors associated with various natural light sources and pollutants.


          Rose Water Mist

          • Enriched with rosewater known for its potential calming properties, this product may assist in maintaining the skin’s pH balance, potentially providing hydration, revitalization, and moisture. It could be particularly useful in dry climates.
          • This product features a subtle natural fragrance and may also serve as a light fragrance, potentially leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated sensation after each use.
          • Additionally, it contains vegetable collagen extracted from Tremella Fuciformis mushrooms, which is suggested to have potential benefits for enhancing skin moisture and elasticity.