Coffee with Enhanced Flavor, Not Bitterness
Commencing your day with vigor is essential. Few things can set the tone better than a cup of Edmark Café Power Black. Crafted from premium-grade coffee beans sourced from South America, Café Power Black offers an intense and robust flavor that provides an ideal beginning to your day.
    In addition to the well-known qualities of coffee, Café Power Black incorporates the advantages of Ganoderma extract. Consuming a cup of Café Power Black daily may contribute to regulating blood sugar, potentially supporting anti-cancer properties and diabetes prevention, promoting heart health, and addressing age-related concerns. Concurrently, Café Power Black can serve as the energy boost you require for your day.
    Key Ingredients:
    • Coffee Powder
    • Microground Coffee Powder
    • Ganoderma Extract



    3 Times the Strength · 3 Times the Potency · 3 Times the Endurance
    The term “strong” doesn’t quite capture the richness of Café Troika’s gourmet goodness in every sachet. This premium blend is expertly crafted coffee that prepares you to face the day with a triple boost of potential benefits.


    A widely recognized traditional remedy with a range of potential benefits. Often used to support the immune system, enhance memory and cognitive function, increase energy levels, aid in weight management, address certain male sexual health concerns, and potentially inhibit cancer growth.


    This traditional medicinal ingredient has a history of use as an aphrodisiac and in addressing age-related sexual issues and symptoms of andropause. Additionally, it may combat fatigue, boost energy and libido, improve mood, and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


    This remarkable mushroom serves as an immune system booster, may have cardiovascular benefits, can contribute to lowering cholesterol, and offers anti-inflammatory potential. It is also known for its alkalizing properties, which may help balance pH levels and oxygenate the blood and body.

    CAFE 73

    Sugar-Free Coffee with Ganoderma Extract Conventional coffee can lead to dehydration, has acidic properties, and may elevate blood pressure levels when consumed in excess. Transition to EDMARK’s Café 73, your go-to coffee choice.

    Crafted from top-quality coffee beans, Café 73 is not only sugar-free but also wonderfully refreshing. Moreover, Café 73 includes Ganoderma lucidum (Ling Zhi) extract, renowned for its potential health advantages.


    • Sugar-free, yet delightfully crisp and flavorful
    • May enhance the immune system and stamina
    • May support blood sugar management
    • Contains Ganoderma extract with potential health benefits
    • May contribute to oxygenating the body and balancing body pH
    • May aid in blood circulation and cellular rejuvenation
    • May support cognitive functions, including memory and focus
    • May assist in reducing blood pressure


      Instant Mocha with Ganoderma Extract Edmark Mocha pampers your taste buds with a luxurious infusion of chocolate, combined with a creamy and robust body.

      The Enchantment within
      The Exceptional Mushroom Blends is a selection of specialty coffees from Edmark’s Coffee Collection that incorporates a unique ingredient known as Ganoderma Linctum. This collection is thoughtfully enriched with a wide spectrum of potential health benefits, adding a new dimension to your coffee enjoyment and making you rethink that cup of coffee even before bedtime.
      Potential Benefits of EDMARK MOCHA
      • Pleasingly crisp and delightful
      • May support the immune system and stamina
      • May contribute to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
      • Contains Ganoderma extract with potential health advantages
      • May assist in oxygenating the body and maintaining body pH balance
      • May support healthy blood circulation and cellular rejuvenation
      • May aid in cognitive functions, including memory and focus
      • May assist in managing blood pressure


      Infused with Hawaiian Spirulina EDMARK SpiRO is an instant and exceptionally nutritious cereal blend enriched with Hawaiian Spirulina powder. Crafted from top-quality oat bran, brown rice, and spirulina, this nutrient-rich cereal mix is tailored for individuals with active lifestyles who seek a fortified dietary supplement to fuel their day.
      • Reinforces the immune system
      • Promotes cardiovascular health
      • Aids in cholesterol management
      • Enhances gastrointestinal and digestive well-being
      • Supports natural detoxification processes
      • Offers antioxidant protection that may help reduce cancer risks by inhibiting viral replication

          VERY BERRY

          Boost Your Body’s Natural Defense System with Very Berry An Instant Berry Powdered Drink bursting with authentic fruity flavors and enriched with Elderberry extract and pure fruit juice powder! Made from Real Fruit Juice Powder (No artificial flavoring)
          Active Ingredients:
          Elderberry Extract – One of the most widely used medicinal plants globally. In traditional medicine, dried berries or juice are employed to address influenza, infections, headaches, dental discomfort, heart issues, nerve pain, and also act as a laxative and diuretic. The berries can also be used in cooking, such as making juice, jams, chutneys, pies, and elderberry wine. Blackcurrant – Aids in lowering bad cholesterol, enhancing cardiovascular health, improving joint health, reducing inflammation, and possesses antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. Aroniaberry – Helps safeguard our eyes from cataract-related damage, promotes better blood circulation, and provides protection to the liver.
          Cranberry – Aids in preventing urinary tract infections, enhancing bladder health, and is rich in phytonutrients, which may assist in preventing kidney stone formation.
          Potential Benefits include:
          • Abundant in anti-cancer properties
          • Reinforces the immune system against infections and ailments
          • Helps prevent or manage diabetes
          • Offers anti-aging properties to maintain a youthful appearance
          • Supports heart health
          • Assists in combating anemia (iron deficiency)
          • Possesses antiviral properties to help protect against viruses
          • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
          • A delicious and refreshing alternative for weight management
          • Assists in weight control