The beginning of our vision is in place as seen in these pictures are the land and soil test for preparation of the beginning the planning and construction of the City of Light – Edmark City.


Coming full circle, the growth of its MLM business  has brought the company home by opening a branch in Selangor, Malaysia in its factory site.


Edmark opened in Lagos, Nigeria which accelerated the company’s expansion to neighboring African countries. In the same year, Edmark’s World Class Manufacturing plant expanded to a 4.6-acre land with a built-up area of 145,000 sq. ft. in Selangor, Malaysia.


Edmark International brought the MLM business to Accra, Ghana – the very first branch in Africa.


Edmark, with its expansion of the MLM business, ventured into the international market with its first branch in the Middle East, specifically in downtown Dubai, UAE.