Why is the Edmark Compensation Plan so difficult to understand as compared to others?

The Edmark Compensation Plan is a traditional breakaway plan that rewards its members for true group performance. As such, the method of calculation is complicated but nevertheless Edmark has a SSMP program for all its members to understand the simplified version of the compensation plan.

What is the difference between APGS and CPGS?

CPGS is Current Personal Group Sales and APGS is Accumulated Personal Group Sales. CPGS is the monthly total personal sales of you and all your non-manager downlines. APGS is the accumulated CPGS every month until you have achieved 120,000 SV.

How to get Performance Bonus?

Performance Bonus is the overriding potentials of YOU over your non-manager downlines. If your CPS is less than 500SV, you will only override yours own sales. If your CPS is at least 500SV (non-manager) then you get to override your non-manager downlines. See the chart for Performance Bonus overriding potentials.

How to get Manager Bonus?

As long as you (a Manager and above), maintains your monthly minimum requirements (CPS and CPGS) and all your downline Managers (and above) do the same – then you will maximize your Manager Bonus.

Even if your downline managers did not maintain their monthly requirements, but you maintain yours then you also get your manager bonus (but you won’t be able to maximize your earning potentials).

What is the maintenance of a distributor and a manager?

Distributors only need to maintain 500 SV for CPS.

Manager  & Sapphire Manager – 2,000SV CPS, 20,000SV CPGS.

Ruby Manager – 2,000SV CPS, 16,000SV CPGS

Emerald Manager – 2,000SV CPS, 12,000 CPGS

Diamond Manager – 2,000SV CPS, 8,000 CPGS

Crown Manager & Above – 2,000SV CPS, 2,000 CPGS

How many distributors will I need to register in order to achieve the 20% overriding for Performance Bonus?

There is no specific amount of downlines required to become a Manager (being at the 20% level) as the requirements for promotion is based on actual sales that you and your non-manager downlines perform and accumulate. Unlike the pyramid scheme, Edmark does not reward you for recruiting but instead reward you for actual sales performance.

How much money will I need to invest in order to qualify as a Fast Track Manager?

You need to invest an equivalent DP amount for SV equal or more than 80,000SV in a month. Please see the various product prices combination that makes up 80,000SV. Example, if you purchase 36 sets of P4 Plus packages in Philippines in one month – you will become a fast track Manager. 1 P4 Plus package = 2255 SV, 36 X 2255 = 81,180 SV. Your investment is P 130,680. You will earn P16,236 from Performance Bonus as a Fast Track Manager, not to mention the Manager, Achievement and Redemption bonuses.

What is a block system?

Block System means two things in our Leadership Bonus. First, you earn more than one block of group sales for overriding potentials. Second, your overriding potentials will be blocked by a downline who’s entitled to the same overriding potentials or higher. Example, you (entitled to Diamond Leadership Bonus) will earn up to the first level of your downline Diamond Manger who is also entitled to Diamond Leadership Bonus). Note: one is not BLOCKED by a downline with the same position but by the Leadership Bonus he or she is taking.

What is double bonus marketing plan?

Double Bonus Marketing Plan means you are rewarded more than once for the same effort you built in your performance. Example, (a) Performance Bonus & Manager Bonus, and (b) Manager Bonus & Leadership Bonus.

What is Leadership Bonus?

Leadership Bonus is compensation where each of your Manager’s leg produces a total of 38,000SV or more in a month. The more legs you have with 38,000SV or more in a month entitles you to more overriding potentials.

How to become fast track manager

80,000SV CPGS in one month makes you a Fast Track Manager.

What is slow track/regular way of becoming a manager?

120,000SV APGS with no time-limit.

How to avail car fund and house fund?

Car Fund is for Diamond Managers and above. You must maintain 5 Qualified Managers for 3 consecutive months. You must purchase a car first before seeking a reimbursement of your Car Fund.

House Fund is for Crown Managers and above. You must maintain 7 Qualified Managers for 3 consecutive months. You must purchase a house first before seeking a reimbursement of your House Fund.

Is it possible to be a Manager in one month?

Yes it is possible. Please see requirements to be a Fast Track Manager = 80,000SV CPGS in one month.

If my downline is promoted to a Manager, will I be promoted too (if I’m a non-manager)?

If you are a non-manager and your downline is promoted to become a Manager – your promotion will depend on two (2) factors. First, if your downline becomes a Manager through the regular way then you will become a Sapphire Manager automatically (subject to you maintaining 2,000SV CPS and 20,000SV CPGS). Second, if your downline becomes a Fast Track Manager then whether you become a Sapphire Manager will depends on whether you already have 40,000SV or more in your APGS. If you have, then you need to maintain 2,000SV CPS and 20,000SV CPGS to become a Sapphire Manager. If you don’t have 40,000SV or more in your APGS, you WILL not be promoted.

What’s the purpose of SV and BV?

SV is used to calculate promotion and BV is used to calculate your bonus payout. SV is constant to calculate purchases worldwide. BV is a variable to calculate the payout for your purchases worldwide (since the product pricing is different from country to country).

Does a distributor get an overriding percentage (%) from his/her downline even though the downline’s position is higher than the upline?

If you are a non-Manager and your downline is promoted to a Manager, you will NOT be able to override anymore from his promotion. However, once you become a Manager, you will be able to override all the group performance of all your downline Managers.

Why is the monthly maintenance for Manager and Sapphire Manager the same?

The monthly maintenance for Manager and Sapphire Manager is the same because the high CPGS requirements will compel you to create more Manager Legs.

What is roll-up and roll-down as per our Marketing plan?

Roll-up (in Leadership Bonus) is the concept of accumulating qualification from the last Manager down of each of your qualified legs. Roll-down (in Manager Bonus) is the concept of accumulating qualification from the first Manager down of each of your qualified legs.

If I qualified for Emerald Leadership Bonus, and I have a downline Diamond Manager who qualifies for Diamond Leadership Bonus, will I still be able to override Leadership Bonus from the performance of the downline Diamond Manager?

See item (8) on the concept of Block System. You (entitled to Emerald Leadership Bonus) will earn up to the first level of your downline Emerald Manger who is also entitled to Emerald Leadership Bonus.

What do you mean by breakaway?

Distributors will break away from sponsors and form their own groups as sales leaders when they advance to the position of Manager. The Plan then pays these sales leaders, called breakaways, a new, different type of commission like Manager Bonus. Their group volume is no longer included in their sponsor’s group volume.

What happens when a Manager did not achieve 20,000 SV in a month but he has only 2,000 SV from personal sales?

The Manager with only 2,000SV CPS but without the 20,000SV for CPGS will only get Performance Bonus of 20% from his 2,000SV CPGS

Why is my CPS missing?

Answers can be discovered by taking the following action:

Always request the pink form (member’s copy of application form) from distributors (this will speed up the search process)

When you get the pink form or the cashbill number, go to the Cashbill listing to check if the cashbill is there (search by cashbill). This is the part where you will be able to identify whether the cashbill has been encoded wrongly (most commonly – error in quantity, that’s why the points are missing) or whether the cashbill has been entered into the wrong name.

If everything is in place (and correct), now Check the SV Transfer Request Forms. More often than not, distributors usually forgotten that they did a SV Transfer Requests. This is the most common occurrence.

If there is no record for SV Transfers, Check Void Cash Bills. Sometimes, when we void a cashbill – we will forget to encode the new cashbill. Or we will create a new cashbill first pending the void cashbill. In this case, the distributors will be under the impression that they have more SV/BV and then subsequently, when the cashbill is void – they will complain about the missing cashbill. Always VOID the cashbill first before encoding a new one.

Also check the original top-up forms because there is also a tendency to key-in the wrong information.

Why is my CPGS missing?

Manager Downline broke away – check bonus tree of newly promoted downline manager. This is the most COMMON occurrence due to the lack of understanding of the concept of breakaway. Take this opportunity to explain to the Distributors when faced with such a question. This same question will be asked almost every alternate day.


What is top-up?

Top-Up is the concept of allowing our distributors to fulfill their monthly requirements by purchasing and/or SV Transfer before the bonus month ends.

When is the top-up period?

The Top-Up period starts from 5th of every month and ends on the 15th of every month.

When is the bonus calculated?

Bonus calculation happens on the 15th of each every month. There will be no more top-ups from the 15th onwards.

When is the bonus released?

Bonus is released on or about the 25th of every month. Distributors with Company-issued ATM accounts receive as early as 21st of the month. The Company needs at least 10 days to generate payment, bonus statements, bonus vouchers and other necessary reports before the payment can be released.

How much should I top-up?

Distributors should top-up sufficiently (or at their discretion, more) to maintain their monthly personal requirements according to their rank/position. In your bonus tree, please look at your CPS and CPGS.

Why is my bonus X amount?

Your bonus amount is based on you and your downline performance. You need to review your effort and your group performance why your bonus amount is such. Should you think there is a discrepancy in the payout, kindly notify Edmark immediately.

Where can I get my bonus payout?

This depends on Edmark’s policies from country to country. Edmark either directly credits the amount to your bank account, by cheques which you may personally collect from our HQ, Branches or even at the nearest appointed Franchisees. For amounts less the P1,000.00, Edmark will credit to e-account  which you can also personally collect from our HQ, Branches or at the nearest, appointed Franchisees. Please check Edmark pay-out policies in your country.

Is there direct credit of my bonus payout into my bank account?

Yes, only in selected countries and subject to the distributors having a bank account at the choice of Edmark. Not every bank is a participant of our direct credit program.

Is it possible for me to obtain my bonus from a branch of my choice even if all my purchases are made through another branch?

Yes, you may. However, this is only authorized from a case to case basis and you need to submit a request form to Edmark for approval.

Where can I get a copy of my bonus tree?

You are now able to download your bonus tree from our Edmark Distributors Internet Inquiry (EDCLICK) via member.edmarker.com from the 5th of every month. You may also request a print-out copy of your bonus tree from our HQ or Branches but a small fee will be imposed.

When can I request for a copy of my bonus tree?

Should you need to request a print-out copy of your bonus tree from Edmark then it is only available from the 5th of each month. However, you are advised to continue monitoring your bonus tree every day until the last day of top-up.

Why is it difficult for a distributor to calculate or forecast their bonus amount to be received?

Our Edmark compensation plan has several modules that are calculated on profit sharing and points sharing. In this respect, it is impossible to forecast the payout as the figures obtained for calculation will depends on two main aspects, (a) the total sales of Philippines (in International, the total sales of all our participating countries), and (b) the total number of Qualifiers and their sales.

What is SV Transfer?

SV Transfer is a facility that allows you to transfer your SV points to anyone of your downlines.

When can I perform a SV Transfer?

You can perform the SV Transfer at any time (but please indicate for which bonus month) – most importantly during the top-up period should you need to maintain the monthly requirements of some of your downlines.

Is a SV Transfer irrevocable?

Once you perform the SV transfer, it will not be revocable. Should you feel you have made a mistake, you need to get the authorization of the wrong transferee to perform another SV transfer for the points to be transferred back to you.

What does the N38K symbolizes in the bonus tree?

The N38K as displayed in your bonus tree indicates how many legs you have with total group sales of 38,000SV or more. This is an indication on the type of Leadership Bonus you will be getting.

Would it be possible if the bonus tree be released much earlier instead of during the top-up period?

The Bonus tree is only available for download from the Internet via member.edmarker.com (EDCLICK) starting from the 5th of each month and ends on the 14th of each month. So is your request for a print out from our HQ or branch.


How much is the registration fee? What do I get from the registration?

The registration fee depends on what kind of sales kit one purchased.  The following are the different sales kit we offer:


Sales Kit N17

1 – Sales Kit

1 – Box Shake off

1 – Bottle Chlorophyll 250ml

P 950

P4 Plus  Package

1 – Sales Kit

1 – Bottle Chlorophyll 250ml

1 – Box MRT

1 – Box Shake Off

1 – Bottle Chlorophyll 500ml

1 – Box Ginseng Coffee

1 – Box Red Yeast Coffee

1 – Hawaiian Spirulina Tablet

P 3,630

Are there products included?

Yes, as stated above

Can I have an EDA membership card for my spouse?

Yes, spouses are automatically a member also.

Can I change my upline?

Only if there was an error in encoding of upline on our part or there was enough evidence that you were “hijacked” even if you specifically signified upon registration that you have already a sponsor who sent you to register.

Also if your top upline/recruiter wrongly placed you under an upline that belong in the same family and later found that your place in the family is wrong. But this should be done within 1 month after registration.

Can I change my personal profile?

Yes, like wrong birthday, or wrong spelling in name or other details.  You have to write a letter to HQ requesting such changes with documents attached to support the request depending on the details to change.

Can I merge my membership with that of my spouse?

By rule, husband and wife should only have 1 membership. If for some reasons, they managed to register separately in the past, then they should merge their membership immediately.

Can I use my Philippines membership in International?

No! Those 2 are different networks. They have different product pricing and points. Only your higher position from between those 2 networks can be carried from one to the other.

Why do I need to re-register for international membership?

See (48) above. You need to re-register in order to be provided with a new EDA number for your international membership which will be used for your sales, recruitment and bonus calculation. Your Philippines EDA will not be recognized in the International network.

If a distributor is inactive for 10 years, does he/she require renewing his membership?

No. We have a life-time membership. A distributor only needs to purchase P4 plus package and pay a reactivation fee in order to be active again.

My downline has registered with another upline. What’s my recourse?

Where there is proof that a distributor has two (2) EDA numbers, Edmark reserves the right to terminate the latter EDA number and preserved the former EDA number. In such an instance, the downlines of the latter EDA will NOT be moved to the former EDA number. Please be reminded that Edmark upholds this policy strictly about dual membership. Where there is sufficient proof to show malice or bad intention on the part of the upline, Edmark reserves the right to terminate the membership of the accused upline.

My downline was taken from me by another distributor. What can I do? Can Edmark terminate that distributorship and transfer to mine?

It is the responsibility of the upline to ensure their downlines are properly registered under them. The Company will not be responsible if a distributor was wrongly “snatched” or registered under another distributor. Where such an event happens, Edmark will not terminate that membership and transfer to the claimant’s group. However, where there is sufficient proof to show malice or bad intention on the part of the upline, Edmark reserves the right to terminate the membership of the accused upline.


What is Distributor No?

The login ID (aka Distributor No) is your EDA number.

What is Password?

The login password is by default, your birthday with mmddyyyy format. So for instance if your birthday falls on the 20th August 1971, then your password is 08201971. However, you are allowed to change your password (to a choice of yours) after you login.

My Distributor No and Password do not match and I can’t login.

There are three possibilities here. (a) You forgot your password, (b) you have supplied Edmark with the wrong birth date, and (c) You did not provide Edmark with your birthdate during the process of membership. For all cases, kindly contact Edmark to have your password reset and your birth date changed.

Action to be Taken by Branch Officer-in-charge

Before requesting from Edmark when distributor cannot login, please login to CIS and check the birthday column in the Distributor Information to see if the birthday is valid (non-empty) OR it is encoded correctly.

Note:  Many complaints are either we were given the wrong date of birth or our staff erroneously encoded the date of birth.

Is the bonus calculation automatic in the online inquiry?

The bonus tree and bonus statement is NOT an automated process. The Bonus Tree needs to be generated by our IT staff and will only be available from the 5th of each month onwards. Your bonus statement will be available from the 20th of each month onwards.

Am I able to see my performance in International as well as in Philippines with the same login ID and password?

No, you can’t. As you have two memberships (1 for Philippines, 1 for International), you can only view each of your performances one at a time. As such, you need to login to the Edmark Distributors Internet Inquiry with different IDs and Passwords.

Why is the Edmark Distributors Internet Inquiry so slow at times?

There are many unforeseeable reasons why the Internet can be slow like ISP’s glitch, bandwidth congestion, etc. and some other technical reasons that are beyond Edmark’s control. Please be assured that Edmark is consistently upgrading our services and ensuring the best quality service.