“When your dream becomes your spouse, nothing is impossible.”

I joined Edmark because of two things: I wanted freedom from depression and I wanted to become the best version of myself. I wanted to inspire every woman to believe in themselves and to never stop chasing their dreams. 

I hate my life before Edmark. I worked in a bank but I have nothing to my name. I worked as a General Manager and Head of Marketing in an Estate Development Company, yet I had no investment. I worked as a Business Development Manager in a 3-star hotel and lost my job unexpectedly.

I lived in Abuja for 1 whole year doing nothing. I was jobless, I couldn’t feed myself and I was already behind my bills. I went home to my family and neither did I know, it was the start of my life’s misery. Everyday, I was drowned by my mom’s pressure of getting married, losing weight and becoming successful. I wanted to commit suicide but unfortunately, I was scared of killing myself and instead, ran away from home.

I ended up in Lagos, Nigeria.

I was adopted by my younger sister. She provided me with everything that I need.

My search for job continued until one day, I met SM Andrew Onyuma who gave me Ginseng and Red Yeast Coffee and introduced me to Edmark. I visited the old office in Opebi Road and got to know the business. Since I had no money to register, I called my mom and used ‘weight loss’ as an excuse to get money from her. I used that money to register and started my Edmark business.

Upon consuming the Edmark products, I lost 7kg in 1 month and got praises from my family, churchmates, and friends. I used my weight loss story to refer people and let them buy Edmark products. With that, I was able to get my paycheck.

I have numerous customers who repeatedly purchased products. It continued and led to hawking. I got high retail profit and monthly bonuses but I can’t stand the stress it caused me.

It continued until I had my first breakthrough in the business. It was when I was able to achieve N400,000 sales out of my Shake Off presentation in Police Station in Abeokuta. I was then promoted as an Emerald Manager.

A lot of good things happened. I was able to qualify in the Goal 20 Challenge launched in 2017. I did more than the requirement and was able to join the LTBC Malaysia 2017. Imagine a somebody who is considered as a failure, made it outside the country all by herself. I was so happy.

In 2018, Edmark launched the Goal 20 Challenge again in time for LTBC Malaysia 2018. I committed myself and vowed that I will be coming back to Malaysia as a Crown Manager. And you know what? Not only I finished the challenge but I was the first in Nigeria to qualify for LTBC Malaysia 2018. And yes, I did come back to Malaysia as a Crown Manager.

My business tripled in performance but on the other side, I was unable to build my team. I was so worried. I was so unhappy. I then took a break from the business.

I focused in strengthening my personal development. I invested in learning Digital Marketing, Sales Engagement, and maximizing my Social Media to boost my business.

With the help of my own Facebook Account, I was able to encourage over 120 people to invest in EDCOIN.

I came back to the business and this year, 2020, even on a lockdown period, I launched Elite Business Pack and used my Facebook as a means to talk to people. And to my greatest surprise, a lot of people were responding. I have business partners from Texas, Senegal, different parts of Nigeria and so much more. In less than a week, I was able to register 14 Elite members under my team. And as I write this story, I have 51 new Elite members and I have already qualified in the upcoming LTBC Dubai 2020!

If I can do it, you too, can do it! Elite Business Pack is doable and very easy. Invest in your personal development. I have learnt that Network Marketing Business is very easy if you just take time to understand the business and equip yourself with the right skills.

There is really greater opportunity in success. Today, I am happy to be impacting lives and to have helped a lot of people to evolve.

This is my story. I am Crown Manager Grace Sanni and I am Elite!

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