EDMARK launches 4 Pillars of Success book

Mr. Sam Low Chairman and President of EDMARK International, has encourage the youth in these country to come bear their full potential in the area of creativity.

Speaking at the launched of 4 Pillars of Success book in Accra, he said the youth are the future leaders and need to be encourage to think be young the box.


According to him, in a world where material needs surpass emotional growth time and time again, there

was need to reminded of basic moral concepts to build harmonious relationships and success businesses. In Edmark, we reach out with these 4 Pillars of Success as a foundation to guide Edmark and the people they help towards founding a loving and happy society.


The book focus on gratitude, abundance, love and compassion towards one another. Touching on the pillar of Gratitude he said, it was where everything is see as perfect. It is a perfect business, a perfect opportunity, a perfect product. When we appreciate perfection in creation, they would have a big heart to make it better, do more and achieve greatness.


On abundance he said, there was abundance in the world where people from all walks of life gather to create a world that is full of riches and prosperity, happiness and harmony, friendship and partnerships.

He added that, love is all inclusiveness where we embrace you as who you are. Loving you for what you believe and progressing with you towards achieving your dreams, we believe that every man and woman deserves to live life to the fullest with passion and excitement.


The last pillar which compassion this is where everyone treat everyone as oneself. What you want for yourself, you want it for others as well. Peace is always shared. You want harmony, smile more, you want to be successful, help others achieve success.



About Sam Low


According to Low, his journey in business on his own at the mere age of 18. He was knocking at doors selling retractable clothing lines and peddling products on the streets with items such as non-stick works and video cleaners. He started in Penang and went to East Malaysia to try his luck.


In 1984, after he single- handedly invented and patented the Super Slicer, an indispensable kitchenware for every home, Sam went alone to the Philippines because he wanted to test his unwavering resolution to succeed in a foreign land. From Manila, he began to demonstrate the Super Slicer in major shopping malls. With a few of his assistants, they worked together tirelessly, and the business venture paid off.


They purchased a property in downtown Manila and began expanding their range of products. Eventually, there were more people in the Philippines who wanted to join the team. This popularity inspired Sam to start EMARK INTERNATIONAL . adopting the network marketing business model, the company has brought hope and the opportunity of entrepreneurship to almost 200,00 people worldwide.


As at 2016, the company has over 50 branches in the continent of Asia, the Middle EAST AND Africa, covering more than 26 countries.


Source; Anita Frimpong