A parade of Edmarkers equipped themselves with the skills, ideas, and motivation needed to succeed and feel good now! Putting into practice action that will develop leadership, character, and improve team-building skills, the three days of EDMARK’s Leadership & Team Building Camp (LTBC) at Nigeria will intensify the movement and momentum needed to jumpstart towards the start of an amazing 2016 for all its participants.

One of the most awaited and anticipated events of the year 2015 in EDMARK Nigeria, the 5th Leadership and Team Building Camp that happened throughout 19-21 November 2015 at Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, Calabar, Nigeria. The event was made a huge success by the leaders and distributors from different countries and branches who took part in it.

In line with the EDMARK tradition, we started with an opening prayer led by a Christian and a Muslim brother and sister, followed by the Nigerian National Anthem as a sign of respect to the host country.

Everyone were in for a treat when the singing President of EDMARK Philippines, Mr. Joey Urquia took the stage for a round of serenading with his new song. To begin the educational modules of the LTBC, Coach Randy Esguerra, the new LTBC Trainer was introduced. Throughout the course of two days, he covered four modules, tapping on the year’s theme – Momentum. The modules were accompanied by activities that inculcated aspects of leadership and teamwork while implanting lessons such as the strength of a team’s foundation, essential communication within a team, and trust within team members.

With Edmarkers leading by example, mornings at the LTBC started early with exercise activities such as Qigong and Taebo as a way to introduce one aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

The Talent Night has been a custom at every LTBC and this year was no exception. This time around, the Talent Night’s theme was sports attire, with teams assigned to different sporting activities. Some participants were clad in their custom-made costumes made out of EDMARK product sachets and boxes. After a special segment of costume presentations, the Male Star of the Night was awarded to the Green Team (Archery) while the Female Star of the Night went to the Blue Team (Car Racing).On the final day, clad in system uniforms, the hall was filled with an air of professionalism as it kicked off with a vision casting from the Chairman, Mr. Sam Low. He outlined the many big events that took place around the world of EDMARK, from the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge, to the newly introduced EDMARK Expo. In addition, he shared good news in the form of EDMARK’s brand new website, the upgrading of our servers, and the range of products that are in the making. As a grand finale, our Chairman announced the theme of 2016, ‘THE MOMENTUM CONTINUES’.

  • Most Discipline – Violet Team
  • Most Determined – Peach Team
  • Most Strategic – Pink Team
  • Most Cooperative – Blue Team
  • Most Participative – Maroon Team
  • Most Appreciative – Yellow Team
  • Most Energetic – Red Team
  • Cheers and Chants Winners – Brown Team
  • Best in Talent – Orange Team
  • Grand Champion – Pink Team