Living in Malaysia and having businesses in more than 26 countries; covering hard-to-penetrate markets such as the Middle East and the African continent, Sam Low, Founder and Chairman of the EDMARK Group of Companies, realized that if he wanted a breakthrough, he must be ready for a break-in. Instead of mulling over management book or following the teachings of contemporary business gurus, for the first time in his life, Sam dug deep into his own emotions, went into the crevasse of his heart and began to listen intently.


Having profound clarity, Sam introduced four Universal Principles that re-shaped the company's future - and his own. With a new management style, Edmark International experienced an unprecedented exponential growth never before achieved.

No matter what kind of business you are doing, or where you are operating from, these guiding virtues, when applied sincerely, will empower you to live a life of great wealth, good health and harmonious relationships.

The Pillar of Gratefulness


The Pillar of All-Inclusiveness


The Pillar of Big-Heartedness


The Pillar of Humaneness


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We all need a daily dose of motivation! Edmark has collected a series of choice motivational words from the Founder and Chairman of EDMARK Group of Companies, Sam Low himself. Download them now!